World Oil Group provides Management, Technology,  Transparency and Accountability in the field with Turn Key Solutions in the Petroleum, Mining, Agricultural and Commodities Trading Sectors.

World Oil Group provides a Turn-Key service to Design Build & Operating your own Oil Company! Email us for more info!



World Oil Group has active Oil Fields in Oil City, Pennsylvania, USA, and a private 20 year land contract in excess of 15 millions dollars in Tambopata, Peru.  

The company is in process of negotiating another  long term large scale project with Phase One  being in excess of 100 million dollars! LOI's have been issued and processed by government agencies. 


World Oil Group is actively engaged in the commodities trade business.


Active Commodities for Sale/Trading

  1.  Ultra-fine Copper ISOtopes99.999

  2. Gold Ore 

  3. Copper

  4. Fish meal

  5. Quinoa

  6. Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubys


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